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Trainer Notes Phase 1

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Global Church Movements exists to help further the Kingdom of God by contributing to the growth and development of churches and faith communities. Our mandate originates in Scripture, which teaches us that Jesus came to build His Kingdom through His Church (Matthew 16:18). It is our privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with believers around the word, loving, strengthening, and multiplying the Church of Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

Phase One  Session 1: How Is God At Work Today?                                                                 1

Phase One Resource: How To Write A Personal Application                                                   6

Phase One  Session 2: God's Heart for the Lost                                                                        7

Phase One  Session 3: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit                                                            11

Phase One Session 4: Paul Turned the World Upside Down                                                  16

Phase One  Session 5: The Crucial Role of Prayer in Reaching Your Area                             23

PhaseOne Session 6: Prayer Walk                                                                                          28

Phase One Session 7: Person of Peace                                                                                    31

Phase One Session 8: Person of Peace Training Exercise                                                       36

Phase One Session 9: Introduction To “Prayer, Care, Share” Strategy - Prayer                    43

Phase One Session 10: “Prayer, Care, Share” Strategy - Care                                                50

Phase One Sessions 11: Sharing Your Personal Story                                                             55

Phase One Session 12: Sharing the Gospel                                                                             61

Phase One Session 13: Digital Tools for Reaching People                                                      69

Phase One Sessions 14: Using Stories for Discipleship                                                           77

Phase One Session 15: Forming Discipleship Groups                                                             82

Phase One  Session 16: Measuring Your Ministry On Purpose                                              86

Phase One Session 17: Action Planning                                                                                  91

Phase One Session 18: Commissioning                                                                                   94

Phase One Resource A: Foundational Discipleship Stories                                                  101

Phase One Resource B: Additional Discipleship Stories                                                       117

Phase One: Resource Catalog                                                                                                133

Phase One Resource:  Personal Application Worksheet                                                      135

Phase One Resource:  Personal Application Plan                                                                 138

Phase One Assignments                                                                                                         139

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals   From Paul J. Meyer's "Attitude Is Everything."                       140

Three-Thirds Bible Study Guide                                                                                             142

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